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World over SilverStar users are saving 15% to 30% of their current cost of operating vehicles. Fleet managers usually get a return on investment on our hardware and subscription within two months! This means that from the third month onwards, SilverStar increases your revenue just by improving route management, reducing driver overtime, reducing stoppages and idling, monitoring over-speeding, and stopping fuel pilferage.

We even have attractive lease options for large fleets.

Click here to set up a no obligation demo and our team will be happy to explain to you how you too could enhance productivity and cut costs.

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For Wireless Remote Generator and Communications Tower Monitoring - please visit us at -"It's like having a technician on site 24 hours a day!"

Visit to find out more about how much you could be saving with SilverStar Tracking - please request a quote , without obligation. SilverStar is one of the leading providers of Tracking and telematics solutions in India, and solutions include GPS vehicle tracking, GPS AVL fleet tracking, radio taxi software and hardware, bus transit systems, and Canbus FMS. SilverStar is headquartered in Mumbai, but our entire range of telematics products are available through out India via our sales team and dealer network.

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